During a window shopping expedition yesterday, I saw the siren call: So I suggested we go there, particularly since SIL had never gone.  “What’s the food like?” she asked.  “Delicious” was my one-word reply.

After being seated, I remembered that this was a good test- to enjoy the food, but to still eat moderate portions and make wise choices.  Instead of ordering the potstickers for myself, we split the egg rolls (not perfect, but better) and I had a bowl of hot and sour soup.  I’m sure that has calories galore, but it would help keep my portions smaller later.  I ordered shrimp with candied walnuts and the spicy green beans, with steamed brown rice.  I put exactly one serving spoon full of each on my plate, and tried to eat it with chopsticks.  This took me long enough so that I enjoyed the flavors and gave my stomach time to signal fullness.  I then had enough room to get the tiny dessert that was just perfect: And while I am sure I did damage- it was nothing like I used to do, ending up overfull and actually miserable.  I felt much more in control and pretty proud of myself.  And I have the best lunch today because of the leftovers!

Moral of the story:  all the tips the books tell you work, if you actually use them.  And smaller portions mean you can have more courses and enjoy more flavors!